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Selling your house is a significant project.

It is important to prepare well to make your property irresistible to buyers at an attractive price, allowing you to sell your home within a reasonable timeframe.

Why should I have it inspected?

You may think you know your home well, with years of living in it, "small" things have come to be natural, and you may have developed habits to work around them. These imperfections, especially when they accumulate, can give visitors a negative impression. Remember that many buyers are hesitant about even minor repairs and may withdraw from the sale.

What is a pre-sale building inspection?

Inspections, pre-sale and pre-purchase, are visual inspections that cover many points from the cellar to the attic, followed by a report with photos and recommendations. 

The pre-sale inspection will give you an accurate picture of the condition of the property and highlight the elements that could hold back buyers, which will then allow you to:

  • Request work estimates (which you will be able to provide to buyers).

  • To be transparent with potential buyers by detailing the defects to be corrected and the repairs to be planned or urgent.

  • To re-evaluate the price of the house according to the tasks requiring attention and those which you will decide to undertake before the sale.

What are the advantages?

If you have concerns about the pre-purchase inspection that sellers might ask for or to verify that no unpleasant surprises will arise, having your own building inspection is an asset often overlooked when putting your property on the market. It helps identify certain repairs that could affect your property's value, which the buyer could use to negotiate the selling price.

You will have a head start by knowing your property situation when the buyers will show up.

In addition, that verification may reveal a series of easily achievable renovations to sell your home successfully.

Furthermore, the conducted check may have revealed a series of easily achievable renovations for a successful home sale. Additionally, it allows you to demonstrate good faith and respond openly and clearly to questions during various visits.

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